Dispensary Security Guard – Denver

Dispensary Security Guard Denver

Dispensary Security Officers – Colorado

Do You Need Professional Security for Denver Dispensaries?

Twin City Security – Denver (TCS-Denver) provides uniformed security personnel for dispensaries in Colorado. Since Colorado state laws changed to allow for the legal sale of marijuana, the cannabis/marijuana industry has flourished. Thus, a multitude of marijuana dispensaries have opened throughout Denver and other cities, and many of them need security services.

Even though Colorado has legalized the selling of marijuana, these operations can have a high risk for theft, burglary, and robbery. Additionally, medical/recreational marijuana operations frequently process large volumes of cash transactions. With valuable assets on hand, security officers can provide a deterrent from crime taking place.

Armed Security Offered for Dispensaries (Outside the City of Denver)

TCS-Denver offers armed security for dispensaries located outside the Denver city limits. All armed security officers are bonded and insured for carrying a firearm. Each armed security officer must pass a thorough screening process and background check. Additionally, they must complete an intensive training program to ensure maximum firearm safety and awareness.

Our goal with each armed security officer is to train them to act quickly and respond to threats appropriately. They learn to neutralize the situation and report crimes to the local authorities. With our training, security officers are prepared for the worst while gaining the necessary skills and resources to prevent and criminal activity.

It is possible for the dispensary business to attract criminal activity and put employees and customers at a certain level of risk. The presence of TCS-Denver armed security personnel brings additional safety and peace of mind to your business and clientele.

Unarmed Security for Dispensaries in All of Colorado

TCS-Denver also offers unarmed security officers for the front range dispensaries. While armed security offers a higher level of crime deterrent and neutralization, unarmed guards also serve a valuable purpose.

Unarmed security officers provide access management, crowd control, night watch, fire watch, and other functions as needed. The presence of unarmed security personnel can deter criminal activity and defuse unwanted behavior. TCS-Denver security officers wear a uniform, which serves to deter lower-level disruptions, like vandalism and loitering.

An unarmed security officer still provides peace of mind to the dispensary occupants during hours of operation. Moreover, they can prevent or immediately report accidents/emergencies when patrolling the property outside of normal business hours.

TCS-Denver will work with you to determine the best security personnel options to match your needs and budget.

MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division) Occupational License for Security Personnel

MED license or badge certification is available for our guards if the security services require them to stand behind retail counters and/or patrol your business’s marijuana cultivation operations. TCS will cover all costs for obtaining a MED for the security officer(s).

The TCS-Denver Security Officer Difference

Although the legal sale of marijuana is relatively new to Colorado, Twin City Security is not. Since 1987, we have served the state of Colorado with quality and trusted security services.

We have a strong reputation as a top Denver security company due to our commitment to clear communication, reliable service, and providing excellent security officers for our client’s needs.

Your trust is our top priority. We strive for our clients to feel certain they made the right choice in hiring Twin City Security. Along with providing top-tier security personnel, our management team is easily accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Benefits of TCS-Denver Security Officers

  • Rigorous screening of all security personnel

  • Training specific to job function and industry

  • Customized safety and security standards

  • Mandatory check-ins to monitor quality and safety

  • Professional appearance with customized uniform options

  • Variety of guard levels to meet your unique needs

TCS-Denver Provides Dispensary Security

Don’t compromise on security. TCS-Denver has the experience, knowledge, and resources to meet your dispensary security needs. We understand the unique nature of your industry and TCS-Denver will provide security officers with the necessary training and skills to deter crime and improve safety at your business.

Contact us 303‑834‑6003 today for more information about the uniformed security personnel options we offer for marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

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