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Secure and Controlled Denver Commercial Properties

Commercial Security Services Denver

Twin City Security in Denver (TCS-Denver) is a leading contract security company for commercial properties in the Denver Metro area. Our commercial security programs help industrial and commercial property owners and managers save money and have peace of mind with customized security solutions.

Our highly-trained security professionals follow the procedures specific to your facility to manage loss prevention, provide controlled access and maintain site safety. TCS-Denver offers commercial security services to a variety of facility and industry types. These include: plants, warehouses, factories, manufacturing, oil industry and more.

Why Do You Need Commercial Security in Denver?

Commercial Security Services DenverAs one of the only major cities in the Rocky Mountain states, Denver is a growing economic hub. Denver’s commercial and industrial properties need proper security options. TCS-Denver offers customized commercial security contracts to meet the precise needs of your facility.

The goal with commercial security is to prevent losses, keep employees and visitors safe, manage fire and hazardous material risks and address other specific property issues. We help you meet the requirements for safety based on state and local regulations.

Keep your site safe with the trusted commercial security experts at TCS-Denver. We understand what it takes to run your operation while minimizing and managing the risks.

Commercial and Industrial Contract Security

Whether you need controlled access for an oil operation or oversite for properly managing hazardous materials, TCS-Denver offers a solution for your security needs. We customize each contract to match the specific requirements for your facility.

TCS-Denver values trusted client relationships. This means we prioritize training, communication and customer service. Select the right security functions to maintain safety and order at your commercial property.

Secure Site Perimeter

Create controlled access at the entry points to your property and facility. Build a defense from theft, vandalism and loitering at your location by incorporating standard security options.

  • Controlled entry for employees, vendors and visitors

  • Property patrols with varying schedules

  • Review property for best practices of lighting, fencing and other safety features

  • Regular inspections of entry points and truck docks

  • Egress and ingress regulations

  • Oversite for safety violations

  • Investigation of forced and unforced unwanted site entry

Reduced Business Interruptions with Emergency Planning

We train our guards to respond to emergencies with minimal interruptions to the normal facility operations.

  • Prepare daily reporting of security activities

  • Respond quickly and effectively to safety issues and alarms

  • CCTV site monitoring

  • Monitoring of building and property systems, including lighting, alarms, sprinkler systems and HVAC

  • Address any bomb threats and inspect packages

Avoid Loss of Inventory and Assets

We know you save money with the prevention of theft and property damage. We aim to secure the property against both.

  • Ensure secure property docks and doors

  • Integrate protocols for in-transit shipments and cargo

  • Controlled access at entry points

  • Monitor weather and incorporate emergency preparedness strategies

  • Scrap escorts for audited disposals

Fire and Safety Response

Our on-site team responses quickly to maintain control and minimize damage to both property and people in the event of a fire or other safety hazard.

  • Hazardous material safety guidelines

  • Provide first aid with basic CPR, first responder and paramedic training

  • Post Indicator Valve (PIV) checks

  • Regular checks of fire extinguishers

  • Contain and clean up spills

  • Respond early to fires

The TCS-Denver Difference

TCS-Denver has over 40 years of contract security experience to back up its solid reputation for results. Each guard receives specialized training to ensure they represent TCS-Denver’s high standards for performance and customer service.

If you need commercial security for your Denver Metro facility, contact us today to schedule a security consultation.

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