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Security Guard Company - Denver

Twin City Security - A Local Security Guard Company in Denver

Don't let our name fool you! The Denver branch of Twin City Security is locally owned and managed. The first Twin City Security opened in Minnesota in 1974. The owners created a winning formula for offering superior security guard services and flexible client options.

The first Twin City Security branch owners decided to offer their plan for success to security guard companies in other locations. They provided their support but maintained their commitment to flexible contracts. Twin City Security had a reputation for taking excellent care of their clients, so even as owners opened branches in different localities, they kept the name Twin City Security.

We opened our doors as a security guard company in Denver in 1987. The foundations of the national support include:

  • Training officers for excellence

  • Creating robust security plans

  • Unparalleled customer support and service

  • Incredible flexibility for customizing according to client needs

Twin City Security is a security guard company in Denver that grew along with its host city. The Denver metro area population has been increasing steadily for several decades. The growth brings prosperity and an increased need for quality security to protect their assets. At TCS-Denver, we understand the complex security needs of Denver businesses and government buildings.

Our extensive experience as a Denver security guard company gives us a unique understanding of local codes, relationships among industries and government branches, the local history, and possible emergencies. Our local reputation as a great security employer gives us the power to recruit and keep the best talent. National companies simply cannot deliver the same level of understanding, customization or expertise.

As a local security guard company we have the ability to customize almost every aspect of your contract. Some of the ways our Denver clients have customized their contracts are:

  • Officer uniforms

  • Training manuals

  • Daily duties

  • Technology options

  • Keeping existing personnel

A security guard protects valuable assets and sensitive information. Without intensive training, a strict code of ethics, ongoing professional development, professional equipment and manager oversight, security guards will not be able to properly fulfill their professional duties. That's why most companies serious about liability and property protection use the services of a contract security company.

Twin City Security screens every applicant and maintains a vigilant log of their training. Paid training continues at the job site to ensure that the policies and procedures of every client are learned and implemented.

If you worry that contracting with a security guard company will displace your current security guards, cost more money, or reduce efficiency, rest easy. It is in everybody's best interest to retain as many of your current guards as possible. After being screened and vetted by our comprehensive service, we will train them to uphold the high standards of a Twin City Security guard. You keep the security guards you value, they get the distinction of wearing a coveted Twin City Security badge, and we are able to provide top notch security.

If your business has a site in the Denver area, give us a call today on 303-574-0000. You won't be disappointed.

A Minneapolis/St. Paul Founded Company in 1974