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Security Guards - Denver

Twin City Security Employs the Best Security Guards in Denver

Security Guards Denver Protecting people from injury and assets from damage requires dedicated and highly skilled security guards. Twin City Security in Denver (TCS-Denver) knows training and managing the best security guards in Denver is a key ingredient to satisfying every client. In order to hire the most professional security guards, Twin City commits to several aspects of talent management.


Twin City Security in Denver screens applicants for physical, mental, and ethical capabilities. Every client gets security guards whose natural talents match their duties. If you wish to keep security guards currently employed at your site, we will screen those guards, hire them and train them so they can continue protecting your site. Most guards are very happy with their new employment status, but occasionally guards are unable to pass our rigorous screening and training protocol. Our competitive compensation package and respectful company culture attracts the very best security guards in Denver.


Armed security guards, public relations security guards, and watchman security guards perform very different duties. We provide specialized training according to the duties each guard will perform. After completing the comprehensive in-house training program, each guard receives paid on-the-job training to learn the specific expectations of your facility. We continue implementing high standards with our Quality Assurance program for continual growth and client satisfaction.


Every TCS-Denver guard has the primary responsibility for protecting property, keeping people safe, and proactively avoiding problems. When problems arise, they must exercise their authority according to the law. At TCS-Denver, each officer pledges to a 10 point code of ethics for morality, honesty, and respecting the law and constitutional rights.


Every security guard must radio to the central office for a check-in every hour. The mandatory check-in allows management to monitor both quality and safety of our Denver security officers. Security guards are there to call emergency services when necessary. Twin City Security guards and clients can also call for support at the dispatch and monitoring center. Officers at the center have access to remote monitoring devices and can guide the on-site officer using additional information. Our support staff is ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Clean uniforms and well-groomed officers impart a sense of authority and professionalism. All our uniformed employees are issued a free uniform and get an allowance for keeping it clean. The style of uniform can be customized to fit the setting and culture of your site. Jackets to go with the uniform keep their appearance standard in cold weather.

Types of Guards

Twin City Security guards are classified as Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. Level 1 guards deter general disturbances with their visibility and patrol duties. Level 2 guards have extensive public contact and offer significant flexibility for day to day duties. They also must be adept at using sophisticated technology. Level 3 officers can be either armed or unarmed. They must have a high level of expertise in many areas for highly specialized situations.

There is simply no substitute for the vigilance and proactive protection of a professional security guard.

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