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Private Security - Denver

Is Private Security in Denver Necessary?

Bad things happen. People make poor choices or have careless behavior. Sometimes, alarms go off and nobody responds. Other times natural forces wreak havoc. Property gets damaged and people get hurt. Luckily, a lot can be done to prevent loss and mitigate danger. Not having security leaves you open to increased risk for loss and violence. There may be insurance repercussions as well.

Private Security Considerations for Denver

Businesses, residential communities, government facilities, construction zones, industrial plants, and many other places in Denver hire private security companies. A private security company contract provides competent security guards and keeps management hassles at a minimum. Hiring, training, and managing your own guards requires time most facility managers cannot afford. Quality private security allows you to concentrate on conducting your business and stay protected.

Why Twin City Security?

Not all private security companies are equal. We stand out from our competition because we:

  • Recruit and keep the best security guards.

  • Customize the security guard training, uniform, and duties for every client.

  • Provide professional guard training in legal issues, report writing, human relations, communications, emergency situations, safety, technology, patrolling and other skills.

  • Continue on-the-job training and support to our security officers.

  • Use sophisticated technology and remote monitoring device as tools.

  • Assess your current security risks for free.

  • Recommend appropriate solutions for protection and prevention.

  • Utilize our Security Transition Team to ease the transition from in house security to a private Denver security company.

  • Appreciate and respect the unique security needs and policies of every client.

  • Support every guard and client with 24/7 assistance from the dispatch and monitoring center.

  • Pledge to a high standard of ethics and morality.

  • Provide many security solutions including watchmen, doormen, armed guards, special event guards.

  • Willing to contract for one-time events or on an ongoing basis.

  • Employ a large pool of talent to match skills and clients appropriately.

  • Strive for 100% client satisfaction.

  • Built our reputation as the best private security company in Denver since 1978.

Four Easy Steps to a Better Protection

  1. Take a few minutes to read about the wide variety of security solutions we offer. You will get an idea about the level of security your Denver location needs.

  2. Think about the assets you want to protect and the potential threats and risks. Consider how much it would cost to replace those items.

  3. Think about the people who need protection. How are they vulnerable? What level of surveillance and protocol is necessary to ensure their safety?

  4. Get expert advice. Call us to get a free assessment on your current grade of security and potential risks.

    Our security assessment will provide you with valuable information about:

    • Code issues

    • Fire safety

    • Gates, fences, lighting and physical aspects of your facility that impact security

    • Entrance and exit issues

    • Preparing for emergencies

    • Best practices for security specific to your Denver location and industry

Contact us now to start getting the protection your facility needs.

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