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Concierge Doorman Security - Denver

Doorman Security in Denver Blends Public Relations and Safety

Doorman Security Denver A concierge security guard, or doorman, effectively deters crime and performs a wide variety of daily operations. Clients looking to blend a welcoming presence and safety precautions opt for Twin City Security of Denver (TCS-Denver) concierge service. This level of security works well for Denver locations such as:

  • Luxury Residential Communities and HOAs

  • 4 & 5 Star Hotels

  • Shopping Centers

  • Airports

  • Schools

  • Government Buildings

  • Commercial Office Buildings

First, we complete a security assessment. Then, we coordinate with your management to plan and implement a security plan.

A security doorman is often the first impression a guest has as they enter your facility and the last impression as they exit your facility. TCS-Denver doormen always have a professional appearance and superb public relations skills.

Keeping our employees satisfied helps us provide excellent client service. Having low employee turnover has many client benefits. People feel safer with officers they know and trust. A doorman familiar with your facility is better equipped to notice unusual behaviors or events.

The TCS-Denver concierge team can do regular and irregular patrols. When special circumstances arise, like a fire alarm, the security officer's special training helps keep everyone safer.

Small apartment buildings and hotels in Denver often only require a single doorman to provide security. Hotel guests appreciate a security officer to enforce quiet hours. A large office building may require a team of security officers. We always customize the concierge service to match the client needs.

The client dictates:

  • The style of uniform

  • The public relations duties

  • The budget

  • The level of surveillance technology

Our Denver concierge service provides many types of security solutions, including:

General Security

  • Interior and exterior patrols

  • Handling unusual incidents

  • Enforcing rules and regulations

  • Monitoring CCTV, computers and other technology

Controlled Access

Government and commercial office buildings often follow a specific protocol for entering and exiting the facility. A security doorman is a great solution for Denver locations needing to monitor every entrance and exit. A doorman can:

  • Inspect personal items entering and leaving the premises

  • Check IDs and badges of everyone entering and exiting

  • Provide gatekeeping services

Emergency Preparedness

Preventing emergencies and preparing for emergencies is a key component to a doorman's duties. Enforcing codes and policies minimizes the risk of many types of emergencies. The doorman security officer will:

  • Inspect fire safety equipment regularly

  • Create and maintain loss prevention plans

  • Design and implement evacuation plans

  • Respond immediately to any emergency

Working with Management

A security officer is part of a larger on-site public relations team. The concierge service includes:

  • Meeting with facility management regularly

  • Supervising in-house security staff

  • Managing special events

  • Writing reports

Helping Staff and Visitors

Sometimes a doorman is helpful for:

  • Escorting employees after hours

  • Assisting with people mobility challenges

  • Opening a door for people

  • Providing service and information

Join the hundreds of clients who trust Twin City Security to provide the most professional doorman security in Denver.

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