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Armed Security Guard - Denver

Twin City Security in Denver Sets the Bar for Armed Security

Armed Security Guard Denver Armed security guards protect people from violent and threatening individuals. Most burglars, and many enraged and intoxicated people, confront innocent people and have erratic behavior. People in such an irrational state of mind do not respond to many typical crime deterrents, like adequate lighting, security cameras, and a uniformed guard. Stopping a burglary or life threatening situations usually requires the threat of using force, or actual force.

At Twin City Security in Denver (TCS-Denver), our armed security guards are licensed, bonded, and insured for carrying a handgun. They go through a thorough screening process and background check before starting their intensive training program. Don't settle for just any person in uniform carrying a gun to protect your employees. Get the company that trains their guards to act quickly and respond to threats appropriately. Settling for anything less is dangerous.

Armed Security Guards Prepare for the Worst

In the case of a burglary or assault, our armed security guards neutralize dangerous individuals and then call the police. Innocent bystanders and potential victims are spared from risking their own lives.

Investing in an armed security guard is a big decision. We help evaluate your risk and make an educated recommendation. It is impossible to predict exactly when and where a person will encounter violence, but we study Denver crime statistics to give us a barometer for the likelihood of encountering violence in any given situation. This is a partial list of businesses that should seriously consider contracting with us for an armed security guard:

  • Businesses open late in Capital Hill and LoDo

  • Retail stores selling high value items like jewelry or electronics

  • Convenience stores and other places where people pay in cash

  • Businesses already hiring off duty police officers

  • Establishments with controlled substances like marijuana, prescription drugs, or alcohol

  • Corporations reducing their workforce on a large scale

  • Businesses firing an employee for workplace violence or harassment

  • Businesses safeguarding sensitive information

  • Events where people are likely to get emotional or intoxicated

  • Rallies and festivals celebrating cannabis, like the ones near 4/20

  • Concerts where mosh pits are likely

If your business or event has a high risk of becoming the target of violence, getting a well-trained armed security guard might save a life.

TCS-Denver Will Work with Your Needs

We won't require you to sign a contract for more services, or for longer, than your business actually needs. We would rather nurture a client relationship than ask a client to pay for unneeded security solutions. We have the manpower to give short term armed security guard for events and extra support in emergencies.

If you need around the clock armed guard protection, we can provide that too. Our management will work with your team to integrate armed security guards into your establishment's security solution.

Managers and owners do not need to hire a new employee or ask an existing employee to do something outside of their skill set. Let TCS-Denver find the right person to protect your business in your time of need. We take care of all the logistics and you can relax knowing you hired the best security company in Denver.

Contact us today to find out more about armed security guards in Denver.

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